Manor Court

Client: Mrs Kathy Millward

Project: Manor Court, Offord

Status: Complete

Contract Period: 6 Weeks

Scope of Works: Remove existing heating system, installation of an Air Source Heat Pump along with all pipework, cylinders, radiators and underfloor heating.

Key Challenges: After having visualized the external unit, the client wasn’t happy with the proposed position, as it would be seen from the conservatory from inside the house. The client had requested that the unit be located at the back of the garage, which was at the back of the garden, nearly 20m away from the house. This presented both design and installation challenges.

Solution: Through a prompt re-design, we were able to offer an engineered solution. This did result in a larger ASHP unit but was able to accommodate the project heating and hot water requirements. In order to relocate the unit at the back of the garden, we had to run all primary pipework within the ground in a new service trench. This was done using Uponor’s Ecoflex pre-insulated below ground pipework.


Hills Road

Client: Mr Thomas Jones

Project: Hills Road, Cambridge

Contract Period:

Scope of Works: Installation of an Air Source Heat Pump, with cooling and heating capabilities, for a flat, therefore the ASHP is raised. As well as installation of Underfloor Heating and warming and cooling wall tiles.

Key Challenges: The two main challenges on the project were that the unit had to be mounted on the external wall, two storeys up and also that the system had to provide both heating and cooling to the property which was highlighted during the construction phase of the project.

Solution: We carried out a detailed coordinated design with our supply chain and engineers to ensure that the proposed system not only is suitable for mounting at high level, but also can accommodate the clients requirements in providing heating, hot water and cooling. This was the first project in the country that provided this solution. It was also one of the first projects to utilise Uponor’s Renovis wall heating panel system.


Client: Palace Green Homes

Project: West End Gardens, Haddenham

Status: Live

Contract Period: 24-36 Months

Scope of Works: To fulfil all Plumbing and Heating installations, to include Air Source Heat Pumps for 54 new build properties.

Key Challenges: After having completed ASHP installations to 2 Nr properties, we were notified that the specified manufacturer couldn’t fulfill the project for the remaining 52 Nr properties. At this stage, all coordinated designs had been completed and site works were in full flow.

Solution: Using our supply partner (Oceanair), we had managed to quickly redesign the complete scheme to present an alternative system which was available. We had then secured stock of all units within the UK to help support the project and its immediate installation requirements. We would like to take this opportunity to thank Roland Gurner and his team at Oceanair and Panasonic in helping resolve this.


Fenland Bank

Client: Mr and Mrs Smith

Project: Fenland Bank, Waterbeach

Status: Live

Contract Period: 6 Months

Scope of Works: Air Source Heat Pump (ASHP), Heating and Plumbing installation for two new bungalows, including underfloor heating (UFH) and sanitaryware installations

Key Challenges: Client wanted the ASHP to be mounted off the floor and all primary pipework to be concealed within floor void

Solution: Using a specialist bracketry system we were able to mount the unit on the external wall. With careful planning and coordination, we managed to install all primary ASHP pipework within the floor make up prior to screeding works. This removed any surface mounted pipework drops and maintained the thermal values whilst minimizing heat losses.

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